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Unlock Growth -Convert Exits into Connections

Supercharge your Online Store success by capturing valuable phone numbers during exit intent.


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Conversion Marketing Tool

Why use PopupMonk?

Exit Intent Pop-ups

Turn abandoning visitors into loyal shoppers with targeted follow-ups and personalized offers.

Build Conversations

Capture WhatsApp Numbers and target them on WhatsApp – 5x higher open rates than emails with 2-way messaging

Integration Support

Integrate with your favorite CRM, SMS or WhatsApp Messaging Tool using our powerful Webhooks that integrates with No-Code Tools

Turn Abandonment to Revenue

Say goodbye to missed opportunities as our solution seamlessly captures phone numbers during exit intent pop-ups. Own your visitor data using our powerful pop-ups.

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable Pop-ups
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Secure platform

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Smart features

All the tools you need

Easy to use

Made for everyone


Setup Time

5 star

User reviews


Free to use (during Beta)


Works with different platforms

Works with multiple platforms

Popmunk widgets can be integrated within minutes with platforms such as Shopify, Wordpress or any other custom built website

  • Designed to scale
  • Safe & Secure
  • High Performance
  • Webhook Support

Easy to Setup

Setting up pop-ups on your online store takes just a few minutes. Directly signup and launch a pop-up within minutes. Connect with your existing CRM or Messaging Tool

  • Connect with your CRM
  • Analytics
  • Send Automatic Messages
  • Custom integrations


Pop-ups work seamlessly on all screen sizes

Built for multiple platforms

Supports Shopify, WordPress or any Website

Conversion focussed

Convert more visitors into customers


Simple transparent pricing

Choose the right pricing plan for your business




  • 100 visitors/month
  • Pop-up Customization
  • Webhook Support
  • Multi-Country Support
  • Email Support


Most Popular



Save 50% – $399.00

  • 10k visitors/month
  • Pop-up Customization
  • Webhook Support
  • Multi-Country Support
  • Priority Email Support




Save 50% – $799.00

  • 100k visitors/month
  • Pop-up Customization
  • Webhook Support
  • Multi-Country Support
  • Priority Email & Phone Support

100% no-risk money back guarantee


Frequently asked questions

What is Popmunk?
Popmunk provides a pop-up builder tool that allows you to capture Phone Numbers for your Website Visitors using Exit Intent Pop-up or Scroll Pop-ups
Do I need to be a developer to setup Popmunk?
Popmunk can be installed on your website using a simple javascript. You can even install it using Google Tag Manager. Once installed, you do not need any dev help to launch any new pop-ups.
Does Popmunk support collecting email addresses?
At the moment, we’re only focussed on capturing phone numbers, but if you have a use case that requires collecting email addresses, please reach out to us and we may consider this enhancement.
What are the trigger conditions for the pop-ups?
We currently support pop-ups that trigger on exit intent or on % scroll on the website. We will add more advanced trigger conditions for pop-ups.
On what platforms can I install pop-ups using Popmunk?
You can install Popmunk Pop-ups on any website. You just need to add a simple javascript on the <head> section of your website. You can even install on platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, or any other Website Builder tool such as Instapage, Zoho Sites, Wix, etc.
Can I send collected leads into my own CRM?
Yes. we provide easy to use Webhook/API support that allows you to send the generated lead information from pop-ups to a third-party software using Webhooks. You can even use No-Code tools such as Zapier, Make (or Integromat) or Pabbly Connect to connect with your own CRM or Messaging Tool.
Does Popmunk integrate with Zapier or other No-Code Tools?
Yes. Popmunk supports Webhooks that work seamlessly with No-Code tools such as Zapier or Make or Pabbly Connect.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes. We offer a free plan for upto 100 visitors/month. If you sign-up during our early beta phase, we provide free access for upto 6 months.

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